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Surviving in The Real World

Living with a chronic illness sure can be tricky.

We have to be the masters of disguise and living with Lupus, which is the master at being invisible, a good disguise I have always worn.

I can't tell you the last time I had a day WITHOUT pain.  

This disguise I wear, with hopes of encouraging others to continue to fight this war against Lupus.

Surviving in today's economy is tough on everyone...but living with this disease presents challenges I never thought I would ever face.

Being a single mother of two, a full time musician, and a Spokeswarrior for Lupus keeps me more financially and physically broken now more than ever!

But it is not just about me anymore.  It is so much bigger than I I can NEVER give up.

Trying to make it in the music industry is tough enough even for a healthy person.  There is a huge investment of both time and money.  Having a disability presents its own unique challenges to that. 

However, this has been my dream since I can remember.  It gives me great joy to be able to light a pathway for so many.  Music is that universal language that can break through even the strongest of barriers.

I knew when I started that this was gonna be incredibly difficult.  I was not naive to think that my path would be any easier, or that someone was gonna grab hold of me and say, "oh poor sick one...let me take care of that for you!"  This is the REAL world and I have and am learning to survive everyday in it!  That does not mean that along my journey I won't need help and assistance.

Who wants to be viewed as looking for a handout when they are asking for help.  This was the hardest lesson I think I have had to learn thus far.  It is difficult for an independent person to solicit help from others.  As a single mother, I have learned to survive on the smallest amounts and to make a happy home in the process of doing without.  But I have had to learn while dealing with Lupus, that sometimes you are just gonna have to ask for help.

The sad reality is that you may not always get it...even when you so desperately need it.  In the process of wearing that disguise and trying to appear normal...that is exactly what people will think you are...."normal".  So asking for help can sometimes be a chore when no one thinks their help is really needed by you.

My fear has always been that people will think that I don't work hard enough on my own.  Or that I would appear too needy and too lazy to get out and do things on my own.  Trying to survive in the musical arena has definitely taught me a thing or two about how lazy I am NOT!!! LOL

The truth of the matter is: IT TAKES TEAMWORK TO MAKE ANYBODY'S DREAMS WORK!!!!!!  No one ever made it anywhere in life without SOMEONE's help!  So in this lesson I learned that not only am I going to have to ask for help with my physical endeavors, I am going to have to ask for help with my musical endeavors as well.  And that inevitably means help financially.

In order for me to be that voice of courage, strength, hope, endurance, faith and all the things needed to survive life both with and without a disability, I am going to have to ask for everyone's help.  So I come to you with a humble heart...asking for your help in making my first solo project a reality.  This project is so much more than just a disc full of music.  It is a sacrificed piece of my life. It is a disc full of hope.  A hope that not only will people hear it and find joy, but also that people will hear the message.  The message that awareness is still needed regarding Lupus and other auto-immune diseases. A disease that millions of people are affected by, still die from, and there is still NO CURE at this time.

So please help share in this great cause that will open the door for many more possibilities to come. Opening the door for many other possibilities to raise much needed funds and awareness in your specific areas.  An opportunity to bring Jazzin 4 Lupus to life.  A venture that will bring music and awareness to every city, every state, and every country on the planet.  A venture that will raise much needed funds to help the one who truly need it in YOUR area as well as mine.

So please....Surviving in the REAL WORLD takes the helping hand of everyone as NO ONE can make it in this world without SOMEONE'S help.  Give your self the gratifying feeling of knowing that you made a difference in this world...The REAL WORLD!

Help Here---------->

Thank you all!

The Soul Stringer

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