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Is It Funny....Or Not?????


I am just AND TIRED of folks jumping on tangents about stuff that THEY in fact DO!!!!  O_O  I'm confused!!!!

I'm gonna give you two perspectives.  And this is not necessarily for your opinions but as always, feel free to comment at your own risks...LOL (you know I'm trigger happy wit a delete button)

Now I'm a person who loves to laugh.  A good joke at the appropriate time will indeed lift my spirits.  As a person with multiple chronic illnesses, laughter has been my drug of choice for years!  I suggest you get some, because that's a monkey I welcome on errybody's back!!!

Here is the issue.  Knowing what to joke about!  What is appropriate, and whether or not you are ok to tell or share a joke.  Here is the rule, if you are uncomfortable with it, then somebody else will probably be also.  But know that even if you are comfortable with it, someone else will probably be uncomfortable anyway. LOL smh

Jokes are typically based on life situations.  We talk about what we know.  So me being a person with MULTIPLE health issues, I have no problem talking about myself!  But am I comfortable with YOU pointing a NEON sign at them...probably not.  But I have no problem laughing at myself and invite you to see the humor in my struggle from time to time as well.

There are a lot of pics (memes) out there that we at one time or another have found funny.  Some even have received a tear or two on my behalf!!! LOL  But here is where I get a little frustrated with people... HOW DO WE PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT IS OK TO LAUGH AT AND WHAT IS NOT???

I see in the media all the time that someone is requesting an apology because someone has offended one group or nationality or disability or another. Why???

And mind you, this is just food for thought...most of you have already stopped reading four paragraphs ago. LOL  I'm cool with it.  But for those listening get this!!

It's NOT ok to laugh at someone who is blind and a genius, but it is ok to laugh at someone who is follicularly challenged and suffering from Alopecia????

It's NOT ok to laugh at someone who suffers from Down Syndrome and is beautiful, but it is ok to laugh at someone who suffers from Morbid Obesity???

It's NOT ok to laugh at someone who is an amputee and has won Gold Medals in the Olympics, but it is ok to laugh at a dwarfism.

It's NOT ok to laugh at someone in a wheel chair, but it is ok to laugh at someone who is vision impaired and wearing what is perceived as Coke Bottle Glasses.

(Let me knock you down with this last one...I'll wait for you to get it)

It's NOT ok to laugh at someone who is Deaf and Teaching a world, but it is TOTALLY ok to laugh at someone with Tourettes Syndrome translating for the deaf????

Think long and hard about that!!! IS ANY OF IT OK???  IS IT FUNNY...OR NOT???

 I'm not hear to scold anyone.  I just see what is happening around me and always look for ways to raise awareness and get you to think.  Keep laughing, and Keep joking! It is indeed the best medicine.  But make sure that you are on the right side of those jokes.  Make sure that YOU can say the joke from first hand experience because jokes are life.  And most of all, make sure that you aren't being too sensitive about the jokes being told. Most of us living with "differently-abled" abilities don't feel as though we are disabled and will gladly laugh at ourselves and don't need you to defend a joke!!!!

What we do need you to defend is IGNORANCE!!! When someone isn't fair to the differently-abled due to ignorance is when it is absolutely NO LAUGHING MATTER!!! Defend the need for laws to be established for the disabled and understanding to be had by all, not a good joke told in an appropriate fashion.  

So when I tell you that people call me in the mornings and think they have the wrong number because my voice is deeper than Barry White's, you would think that was funny because it is!!!!  Even though it is due in whole to my disease, #Sjogrens Syndrome and #Lupus, it's still funny!!!!  You can laugh at me, but hand me a glass of water!!!...although...watching me eating a cracker with peanut butter on it would be quite amusing...NOT!!!! LOL

I LOVE YOU ALL My little Marionettes!!!  And thanks for letting me continue you to STRING you along!!!! - The Soul Stringer <3

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