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How To Make a Meaningful Difference in The Life of a Lupus Patient

Still keeping in mind the mental and emotional ramifications of Lupus, yesterday I posted some Don'ts. Today, let's talk about some DO's that make a difference.

First and foremost...

DO research and learn about our disease. Many still have no clue what lupus is and those that do don't have a clear understanding of all it entails, so do your homework. That will let you loved one know that you are truly concerned about them. 

DO share what you have learned with others!!!  The only way to raise awareness is through education.  You are helping with that every time you talk about Lupus.

DO reach out to your Lupus loves to check on them. Yes it is a two way street, but Lupus patients tend to run and hide when not feeling well.

Do consider the environment when asking patients to accompany you on outings. There are a lot of factors that could derail a good time for a person with Lupus, both expected and unexpected. Consider proper shading for outside events as we are sensitive to the sun. Consider inside temperatures as well and distances for walking to and from the car, stairs, etc.

DO accompany them to their appointments if you can. Dealing with the medical community is very frustrating for patients. Having your support is priceless and can help to keep the patient from being overly stressed.

DO assist them with mundane tasks around the house. Simple gestures can go a long way. Remember that due to pain and fatigue, simple task like washing dishes or vacuuming the floor can be extremely painful and even impossible.

DO remember that our immune systems are highly compromised and most of us take immune suppressing drugs, so...PLEASE KEEP YOUR GERMS TO YOURSELF!!! LOL

I appreciate that colds and viruses are a part of life, but in the life of a Lupus patient, a three day cold can mean at least a couple of weeks worth of downtime and can even cause a Lupus flair that could cause a hospital stay. 

DO remember that we are human with feelings and require the same things to survive. We have the same basic essential needs as every other person on the planet. But in addition to that we need an extra dose of consideration, common courtesy, laughter and love just like everybody else...but most of all we need your support.

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