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End of the year Rant

As the last day of the year rolls through, I want to take this moment to thank all who have and continue to support me in my endeavors.


Please remember that auto-immune diseases come in many forms and are hidden mysteries that continue to take and destroy lives. 

Take a moment to remember all of those whose lives were loss this year to this dreadful disease...

Now take another moment to remember all of the Men, Women, and CHILDREN  who are still fighting. 

Throughout the year I have posted a lot of information about Lupus and other diseases.  Many have expressed uneasiness regarding the posts about this illness.  I won't apologize for that.  My job is NOT to make anyone comfortable with the realities of this disease but to help you to understand them.  My job is NOT to seek sympathy for our struggles but empathy "a mutual understanding that is not questioned in order to build a stronger community."  My job is to raise awareness.  To Educate.  To Empower.  To Embrace. To Enlighten. To Enlist. To Encourage. To Entertain.    I was silent for many years worried about what people might think or feel.  I am silent no more.  

I recognize that having a talent is not just a privilege, but a huge responsibility.  I am therefore, obligated to use my talent as a voice to speak for and to reach those who suffer in silence.  In the coming year, I will continue to do my best to stand firm with  soldiers that are alongside me.  I will increase my efforts to bridge the gaps between mystery and understanding which includes raising much needed funds for care, research, and development!

Until there is a cure, WE ALL will fight!!!!!! Will you fight with me?? Or if I am ever unable, will you fight FOR me??

In 2013, make an effort to support a cause of your choice. Making a difference in others lives starts with each and every one of us. Don't sit back and watch...DO!

All gestures of support are much appreciated.  I am asking for your support in whatever form that it may come in.  LUV YOU ALL!!!! 

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