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Is It Funny....Or Not?????


I am just AND TIRED of folks jumping on tangents about stuff that THEY in fact DO!!!!  O_O  I'm confused!!!!
I'm gonna give you two perspectives.  And this is not necessarily for your opinions but as always, feel free to comment at your own risks...LOL (you know I'm trigger happy wit a delete button)

Now I'm a person who loves to laugh.  A good joke at the appropriate time will indeed lift my spirits.  As a person with multiple chronic illnesses, laughter has been my drug of choice for years!

How To Make a Meaningful Difference in The Life of a Lupus Patient

Still keeping in mind the mental and emotional ramifications of Lupus, yesterday I posted some Don'ts. Today, let's talk about some DO's that make a difference.

First and foremost...
DO research and learn about our disease. Many still have no clue what lupus is and those that do don't have a clear understanding of all it entails, so do your homework. That will let you loved one know that you are truly concerned about them. 

DO share what you have learned with others!!!  The only way to raise awareness is through education.

Supporting Lupus...What NOT to DO!!!!

I have received many favorable responses regarding some of my post on what NOT to do or say to people with Lupus. So I thought it would be a good idea to share them here.  I'm sure there is a lot more I could say..but you will certainly get the point.    ENJOY!!!

THE DON'TS!!!!!!
Keeping in mind the mental and emotional ramifications of the effects of Lupus. I think that it is very important to discuss a few of the don'ts when dealing with Lupus patients. YOU DO NOT WANT TO ADD TO THE MENTAL ANGUISH WITH A SLIP OF THE TONGUE!

Silence Ain't Golden!!...well not always

Isn't it funny how people will act as though they are so encouraged by your efforts to raise awareness about a cause, until you give them the dirty truth!  

It is so funny to me how people who don't deal with certain tough aspects of life want you to be silent about them!?!  And it has always been that way.  It is ok for me to raise awareness about Lupus and other Auto-Immune diseases as long as I am only speaking of survival and living. I should never speak of the sleepless nights, the night sweats, the rashes, the sores, the hair loss, the biopsies, bowel troubles, the tests surgeries and procedures, dating issues, family issues, the stares, the glares, the doubts, the judgement, or the number of people who still lose their lives.

End of the year Rant

As the last day of the year rolls through, I want to take this moment to thank all who have and continue to support me in my endeavors.
Please remember that auto-immune diseases come in many forms and are hidden mysteries that continue to take and destroy lives. 

Take a moment to remember all of those whose lives were loss this year to this dreadful disease...

Now take another moment to remember all of the Men, Women, and CHILDREN  who are still fighting. 

Throughout the year I have posted a lot of information about Lupus and other diseases.

30 Facts About Lupus

I can talk all day about the devastation that Lupus can and has caused for so many people. I can because I know first hand.

Did you know that people with Lupus are often overlooked because "They don't look sick"! Many lupus patients suffer in silence because they are not believed to have a major, chronic, FATAL disease because of Lupus characteristics of invisibility. Over 1.6 mllion people worldwide suffer from the symptoms associated with Lupus and many still continue to lose their lives.

Surviving in The Real World

Living with a chronic illness sure can be tricky.
We have to be the masters of disguise and living with Lupus, which is the master at being invisible, a good disguise I have always worn.
I can't tell you the last time I had a day WITHOUT pain.  
This disguise I wear, with hopes of encouraging others to continue to fight this war against Lupus.

Surviving in today's economy is tough on everyone...but living with this disease presents challenges I never thought I would ever face.
Being a single mother of two, a full time musician, and a Spokeswarrior for Lupus keeps me more financially and physically broken now more than ever!


Today I am going to talk to you about isolation.  Although there are different types of isolation, I want to talk today about psychological isolation. This would be the failure of an individual to maintain contact with others or genuine communication where interaction with others persists.  When a person has a chronic or invisible illness, isolation can be a normal coping mechanism for some, but is not necessarily a good idea. When you have a chronic illness, support is an absolute necessity.

My Sister's Keeper

Sitting here after watching one of my favorite tear jerkers, My Sister's Keeper about a family who deals with a child that is terminally ill with Leukemia.  This movie is always bitter sweet for me, but got me to thinking differently this time.  Although the last 10 minutes of the movie are always the hardest, I  always find it painfully humorous.  Let me explain why... 

 At the moment where this beautiful girl is about to pass away, the family is all there telling her to pray her cancer cells away.


So I've finally decided to be a little more verbal about my life.  As most of you know, I am living with multiple auto-immune illnesses among other things.  Due to the fact that I have not been sleeping much, I've decided to start typing out my thoughts here.  With that being said...Welcome to the land of Painsomnia.  I am your President. LOL  What is Painsomnia?  Painsomnia is that place where you are utterly exhausted, perhaps even overly tired, but too tired to fall asleep because you are in far too much pain to relax.
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End of the year Rant


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